EP Review: JAX – Funny

After a fierce battle with thyroid cancer, American Idol third-place runner-up JAX has had her thyroid removed, undergone chemotherapy, and is finally back to what she truly loves – creating music. With an EP out tomorrow, January 27, JAX has already begun belting her way to the top.

The EP cover.

Her six-song EP, Funny, blends soothing babydoll vocals with low, badass instrumentation. Through this and collaborations on nearly every track, her sound is a combination of childlike spaciness and suave, mature tones.


Beginning with Sleep Like A Baby, the instrumentals are light and spacey, overlaying nicely with JAX’s dream-pop vocals. The EP moves through Stars, slightly similar yet more sparkly, and Kickin’ & Screamin’, with its spitting fiery pre-chorus and intense sound. My personal favorite off of the album, LSD, features JAX belting about poisonous love, with lyrics like, “you’re my Achilles heel and you’re walking out the door/you’re toxic, you make me feel like coming back for more,” accenting her cause. Funny and Wrong Girl close out the EP, with a similarly danceable feel. 


As someone who’s struggled with thyroid disease in the past, I had a bizarre connection to JAX when this EP got forwarded along. Naturally, I had to listen, and I was glad I did. Her combinations of funky alt-pop vocals and heavy bass are intoxicatingly suave, and the album is beyond catchy. Go check out JAX’s Funny, out tomorrow!


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