EP Review: Ursae – Ursae EP

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a sucker for orchestral instruments in non-traditional settings. For example, Ursae’s debut self-titled EP features the flute, a woodwind not usually used in indie pop songs, and it works shockingly well to highlight the calming nature of the album.


The album cover.

Blending an array of organic sounds, including the flute and synth, Ursae creates a surprisingly soothing set of indie pop tracks. Between So Green Her Eyes, which had more energy but maintained that soothing sound, and Alchemize, my personal favorite, which had a little more structure to it, this album is seriously chill. Vocalist Andrew Campbell has a voice worthy of showing off, especially his killer falsetto that appears in nearly every track.


My only complaint is the lack of organization in most of the songs – although some people love that, it allowed me to zone out from time to time while listening to it. Otherwise, I adored the relaxing sounds, especially the flute – which was featured in Song For ___.



Although I wasn’t a fan of the lack of structure in these songs, I can appreciate their soothing tones. It’s not something I’d listen to every day, but I can definitely see the appeal. Besides, I had to give Ursae some extra points for those flute pieces! If you’re into soft, soothing indie pop, go check out Ursae’s self-titled EP, out February 17.



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