Album Review: In Our Bones – Against The Current

I’m always into new and exciting pop-punk, especially when there are daring females involved. Against The Current, with badass-yet-still-adorable lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza, fits this description to a T. In Our Bones, their latest (and debut full-length), is classified as pop-rock, but every song has a little bit of a punk twist.

The album cover.

Too often, vocalists can become overpowering and overshadow the rest of their band. Costanza, however, is excellent at maintaining a balance while still rocking out with her unbelievable vocal range. She shows off that range, from sky-high melodies to dangerously low verses.

Against The Current showcases a few different sides to their sound in In Our Bones. Beginning with the badass and rebellious Running With The Wild Things, Costanza’s voice is recklessly passionate as guitarist Dan Gow rocks out in the background to create an intense “warpath” track that leans more toward the punk rock side of their genre. Immediately after, Forget Me Now is way more indie-pop-ish with its upbeat synth and bopping beat – yet it loses none of its hard-hitting strength. Sounding almost Halsey-esque, the next track, Chasing Ghosts is evocative and bitter, hitting a little too close to home with lyrics like, “I won’t keep chasing ghosts/I need somebody I can hold”.

However, One More Weekend does a total 180 and is playfully reminiscent, with a little more of an electronic vibe and fast-paced indie pop. It’s catchy and danceable, and I’ve been belting along in my car all week. Speaking of stuck in my head, In Our Bones is an acoustic change of pace, yet loses none of the band’s natural fire while still maintaining a soothing sound.

Against The Current launches right back into a more typical sound with the rest of this album. Everything is packed with passion and volatility, from love songs to inspiring, live-life-to-the-fullest tracks. All the way until the end, with Demons‘s almost exhausting vibe, the album is fun and upbeat, even with bitter lyrics.



The band, courtesy of their Instagram. 

As someone who’s constantly disappointed in the lack of women in the punk and rock worlds (and people of color, for that matter, but I’ll have more on that very soon), I’m always seeking out new female-fronted pop-punk bands. Chrissy Costanza is a perfect example of this: a daring female who seems to be effortlessly badass, rocking her vocals (and her killer eyeliner) without overshadowing the rest of her incredible band.


If you’re into fun pop-punk with a little bit of a rock twist, check out In Our Bones ASAP.

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