Live Music Review: Digisaurus + PHOTOS


Digisaurus 12/16/16
Click here for more photos!


A cold, wet, icy Friday night kept me company at a small bar venue in Columbus. Shivering beyond belief, I accepted the fact that my fingers could hardly grip my camera and kept my mind open for what was next to come. I’m always skeptical of small, especially local, bands. Do they care about music? Does music drive them? When I see certain bands step up on stage, I sometimes wonder if these artists are in it all for the right reasons.

Cherry Chrome.

Cherry Chrome was first up for the night. Their winter coats and eskimo hats made me envy their warmth, but genuinely engaged me to their sound. The main singer had a pretty good voice, their songs serenaded the venue with compassion and talent. A soulful, lovable group.

The Odds of Being Born.

Up next was The Odds of Being Born. The singer stepped up to his mic covered in colored lights and snowflake nipple covers, the drummer in a santa dress, and a small woman on keys. Their overall sound was good, not my cup of tea, but I could see their determination and the fact they wanted attention on their music from the sight of their unique outfits.


Finally, the main act, Digisaurus, waltzed onstage. Not knowing who the band was, or any of their songs, I expected to be impressed. A friend had had positive things to say about the band beforehand, but as the setlist went on, I noticed I wasn’t really into it. I didn’t feel like the artist wanted to be there. I didn’t feel the passion. I listened to the band’s songs after I left the concert, and found I liked the music better when it wasn’t being performed in front of me. I’m a firm believer that a band’s live music is what makes them unique, engaging, and shows how their music drives and influences them. Every band can’t have the passion you need to succeed. Every band can’t engage a huge mass of people. I’m a 17 year old girl who has no experience in the music industry, but I know passion when I see it. Although the band had a good variety of groovy, funky, vibing tracks, I didn’t take away anything from their live show. Not all bands can make an impression on everyone, but I wish the best for the band and hope they earn all the success that they wish to obtain.

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