EP Review: Amateurs – EP – Royal Teeth

After waking up late and spilling coffee down my skirt and shoes, I did not have high hopes for today. Despite taking an exam, though, my day got significantly better after finding Royal Teeth’s Amateurs – EP. Out earlier this year, Royal Teeth manages to capture the essence of youth in seven sparkling, upbeat tracks.

The EP cover.

Although the first and last songs are essentially the same – Kids Conspire and Kids Conspire (Extended Version) – everything in between couldn’t be more different. Lead vocalist Nora Patterson is enthralling and ethereal, providing a silky-smooth overlay to the upbeat instrumentals. She sings impossibly positive lyrics to mesh perfectly with danceable tunes and driving percussion, featuring killer instrumentals that change it up in every song.

From Amateurs‘s dancey melody to the fiery Only You, nearly every song is hit-single-worthy. In fact, I can usually pick out a song that I enjoy more than the rest, but I can’t choose one here – I loved them all! They’re all wildly different, yet with similar undertones, and it feels like I could listen to this EP for hours on end without getting bored.

The band, courtesy of their Facebook. 

It’s hard to find an album that turns your day around. Maybe it was just that I was looking for something positive today, but Royal Teeth really did manage to capture something impossibly upbeat with Amateurs – EP. Whether or not you’re having a bad day, check out this EP. The whole album, summed up in a word? Fun.


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