Album Review: For The Night To Control – Electric Century

Born in 2014, Electric Century’s electronic-rock pair was pretty quiet for a long time before finally releasing their debut album this year. For The Night To Control, put out exclusively with Kerrang! magazine, is exactly what we were waiting for all of these years from the dynamic duo of Mikey Way and David Debiak.

The album cover.

Often compared to artists like twenty one pilots, Electric Century’s catchy synth and driving percussion creates a spacey vibe. It’s not quite what the world expected from former My Chem bassist Mikey Way, but then again, when has he ever fit into a mold?

The rocking chord progressions and funky bridges help to create an album that’s as upbeat as it is emotional. In I Lied, lyrics like, “I can’t remember life without the pain/without my arms around you again” are accompanied by danceable synth and guitar. It’s a somewhat unnerving combination: at first, it seems overwhelmingly upbeat, but upon second listen, the lyrics knock the breath out of you.

For The Night To Control layers suave synth over dynamic percussion, creating a perfect mix of mystery and heavy ethereality. The album takes total opposites and blends them together, creating one uniform product that’s intricate, rhythmic, and out of this world.

The band, courtesy of their Facebook page.

As an avid Mikey Way fan, I was beyond excited for For The Night To Control. I waited for weeks for my Kerrang! magazine to get to my house. Of course, since getting the album in mid-August, I’ve been listening to it nonstop – and looking for the perfect time to write about it, of course! Just like last week’s Body Wars, Electric Century keeps out the cold through the perfect blend of hard-hitting lyrics and catchy, upbeat melodies.

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