EP Review: Body Wars – June Divided

Despite a different sound from their previous EP, June Divided feels “right at home” with Body Wars. With these six songs, it’s easy to see why – the EP builds in intensity and color, adding strength with each track.

The album cover.

Beginning with the light and airy Firestarter, June Divided sets the tone for a unique EP. Through lead singer Melissa Menago’s clear tones and a dreamy, catchy chorus, it’s already clear that Body Wars is bound to be a hit. The EP builds from there, increasing power as the songs progress, and while the second half is definitely stronger, each track has a different twist. I Didn’t Mind, showing off Menago’s lower register, uses faded guitar to add an eerie quality to vocals that feel like they could cut through glass. That low-octave power continues through Take, a wild and funky track with almost overpowered vocals, and Shine, the highlight of the EP that includes dancing bass lines and suave synth undertones.

The band, courtesy of their Facebook page.

In the middle of a cold and overcast winter day, I needed something to warm me up. Thankfully, June Divided has a warm, sunny EP to bring back memories of summer with Body Wars. Although I may still be cold, I’m at least distracted with entrancing choruses and catchy hooks. Go check out June Divided’s Body Wars, out now!

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