Album Review: Solilians – Shin

Perhaps one of most under-emphasized aspects of an artist’s success is their website. Although most bands subscribe to the belief that a good site gets the job done, and don’t focus on the layout, a website is the first impression the listening audience gets.

The album cover.

Upon first visit to the Solilians website, viewers are confronted with an odd animation of floating blue lights on a darker background. The group does not get any less weird from there. Their recent release, entitled Shin, is only eight songs, but clocks in at 50 minutes long.

The first track, Hine Ma Tov (Space Drone Dreams Mix), is thirteen minutes long, and starts with a low drone, for lack of a better word. It then proceeds to feature components from a traditional Jewish hymn, and adds in a bit of muffled trumpet. Effectively, this repeats for the next thirteen minutes. If you have the patience to listen to it for that long, you’ll either go into a trance or come to appreciate the sheer bizarre-ness of it; as it is, most people’s attention spans won’t hold them there that long.

While most of the other tracks are similarly psychedelic and mildly confusing, Lamedvavniks is somewhat softer, sounding closer to dream pop than space rock. An incredibly calming track, it is easy to imagine the song being played while footage of the earth from space is shown.

Overall, the album is almost nerve-wracking in nature; if music is meant to create emotion, Shin causes a feeling of unsettledness and anxiety. It is difficult to label the music as good, or bad; it just is. And for what it is, it is a work of art.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.19.47 PM.jpg
Solilians (via

Although Solilians might not be everyone’s definition of “good music”, there is something to be said about the artistic talent of the group. Fusing psychedelic space rock with anything is no easy task, but the Jewish influence makes it something to be admired. Much like Grimes, Solilians is not a band to be listened to as any typical group, but must be approached with open ears. Solilians are their own unique genre that is redefining music, and there is nothing else quite like them.


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