Album Review: Blue Healer – Blue Healer

Indie-rock trio Blue Healer was “born out of the belief that music should be fun”, and their debut album, Blue Healer, exemplifies that perfectly. Chock-full of shimmering guitar hooks, spacey vocals, and grungy aesthetics, this album is all-around enjoyable.

The album cover.

Fun. There’s no better word to describe this album, although Blue Healer ensures that there’s no lack of substance. It’s fun, it’s diverse, and it’s funky. From the soothing Only The Rain to the danceable If You Feel Like Dancing, there’s really something for everyone in these 13 songs. Throughout the album, lighthearted, ethereal vocals are contrasted by heavy synth and guitar while catchy hooks wrap themselves around your brain. Like Diamonds‘ power is juxtaposed with emotional coolness in Know Better. I really liked this album, specifically because of that contrast. Songs switch moods like Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold, and it guarantees that you’ll never be bored. Often, it’s all too easy to zone out while listening to an album – to get tired of the repetition and similar sounds. With Blue Healer, though, there’s always something new – low synth comes out of nowhere, and jazzy undertones keep it interesting.

unnamed (1).png
The band.

Personally, I love albums like this. They’re upbeat, they’re genuinely pleasant, and they’re just funky enough to keep my attention. My favorite song, If You Feel Like Dancing, is an excellent blend of light synth and danceable vocals. Go give Blue Healer a listen if you’re into good, wholesome indie rock. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!


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