EP Review: Little Monarch – Little Monarch

Los Angeles-based indie pop trio, Little Monarch, recently released their debut EP – Little Monarch, and the album is packed full of engaging indie pop hits, bouncy guitar hooks, and captivatingly suave vocals. From the ultra-danceable No Matter What to the slow and sweet Forever, you’ll adore Little Monarch.

The album cover.

Opening with No Matter What, a bouncy and danceable track with a touch of jazzy undertones, the mood is set for the rest of the EP, which is equally upbeat and a little bit funky. When things do slow down, though, like in Forever and Out On The Edge, there’s certainly no sacrifice of power to do so. Forever, in fact, is catchy enough to be stuck in your head for weeks – with the tooth-achingly sweet repetition of “you feel like forever”, you’ll be singing this one for what seems like, well, forever! On the other hand, the slow burn of the buildup in Too Little Too Late is a little jazzy and a lot groovy, and the suave vocals that stand out on each track are especially wonderful on this one. Every track is something new, and despite the dangerous possibility of lacking uniqueness in this genre, Little Monarch has blown me away with their sound.

The band, courtesy of their Facebook page.

This album is a classic example of upbeat indie pop hits. Because each song has a unique blend of jazz and pop, the four-track EP is never boring. Personally, I’m always a fan of good music to dance to, especially driving music, and this is an excellent example of powerful songs that you can dance to without sacrificing the quality of music. If this is Little Monarch’s debut, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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