Live Music Review: Jetty Bones

Discovering local music: a divine gift that every music lover takes ultimate pride in. The Columbus music scene is one of great uniqueness and heart. Being new to the local music scene, I have yet to find a local band full of character, bliss, and pure talent that I myself take pride in. Jetty Bones was an amazing find, discovering the band at my local church after meeting the lead singer and songwriter.

Kelc and Katie.

I walked into Double Happiness (honestly the cutest venue I have ever been in, even though I thought a chalkboard was the exit door and the bartender laughed at me as I walked out) very closed-minded. It takes a lot for a local band to impress me.

I watched the show standing on top of a speaker box to see the tiny stage 10 feet in front of me. Kelc Galluzzo, singer and songwriter, and Katie Cole on drums, played a 25 minute set. Songs from their EP, Crucial States serenaded the crowd who was almost completely composed of fans of the headliners. The crowd was intrigued and involved in the set, something I usually don’t see with openers. Galluzzo’s small talk in between songs kept a friendly vibe with her and the crowd, occurring more as their set progressed. A song about her ex boyfriend, Coasting Lines closed the show. Galluzzo ended the song with a beautiful lyric, “you never took me, to see the ocean” the crowd repeated it, and thus closing the Jetty Bones set.

Having such a short set and small amount of songs, sometimes doesn’t give an audience a full grasp on the feel of an artist. Jetty Bones captured heartbreak, depression, and life in a 25 minute set that perfectly displays who their band is and what they stand for. Galluzzo’s voice, resembling the one and only Hayley Williams of Paramore, was raw and simply beautiful. Even with the occasional off-key note, Galluzzo still shone and showed her true talent and love for music. Cole drummed her ass off, flipping her hair everywhere. Who doesn’t love a female drummer?

Getting to talk to Galluzzo before the show, I can proudly say that she is as amazing in person as she is on stage. She’s positive, loving, so unique, and truly engaging. She runs her own merch table with shirts, necklaces, and patches all made by hand – just more proof of the work required when you’re a local band.

Jetty Bones puts passion, tenderness, and devotion into every aspect of their live show. Local bands rule the music scene, and finding a band as genuine as Jetty Bones doesn’t happen every day. Columbus natives, drag yourself to a Jetty Bones show, or listen to their EP and support a band that I can see being in sold out venues in the years to come.

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