Album Review: JERK EP – Jerk

Houston-based minimalist pop-jazz group JERK proves that they’re an artist to watch with JERK EP, their debut EP, released on Friday. Packed full of steady guitar rhythms and suave vocals, the five tracks come together to form a short and sweet EP that’s sure to be as refreshing as it is jazzy.

The album cover, courtesy of

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect going into this album, but whatever my ideas were, they were blown away almost immediately. I love this. It’s funky and unique, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite like it. Vocalists Vicki Lynn and Austin Smith blend smoothly to create an almost ethereal effect overtop of bouncy guitar and synth, providing impressively suave vocals on each track with a shockingly large vocal range. Drummer Zach Alderman drives the EP, with increasingly intricate rhythms that provide a heartbeat, giving each song a life of its own. The whole EP is, overall, jazzy and unique. It’s really an exhilarating break from the rest of the music world.

An artistic representation of the band, courtesy of their Facebook page.

As shown in their bios on JERK’s website, this band is not one to take their music too seriously. However, there’s no lack of dedication in this powerful, fun EP. It’s a short, sweet, refreshing interlude from the rest of the world. Go check it out, and check out the music video for Accidents here!

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