Album Review: Never Happy, Ever After – As It Is

Having played every date on Warped Tour 2015, As It Is has a number of achievements already, despite having only been signed to Fearless Records in 2014. Interestingly enough, frontman Patty Walters was also a somewhat successful Youtuber during the band’s origin days, but announced an indefinite hiatus in 2014 in an attempt to focus on his music. As It Is released their first album, Never Happy, Ever After before their stint on Warped, and quickly became a beloved pop-punk group.

The album cover.


The record’s overall sound is captivatingly classic and complex. Lyrics proclaiming things like, “it hurts just to feel” and “I can’t save myself” bring a darker filter to what (for the most part) sounds like an upbeat album. As with any release, there are outlying slower songs, such as the soft and somber My Oceans Were Lakes. However, the vast majority of the songs are fast-paced and loud. The dance-y feel of the melodies combined with the dismal lyrics are vaguely reminiscent of Fall Out Boy or All Time Low; all three bands share the same captivating components that give them their widespread success.

Vocals from both Walters and Benjamin Langford-Biss keep listeners guessing as to who we’ll hear singing one lyric or another. Each vocalist has a separate sound, and it is easy to tell them apart. Walters has a slightly higher voice, and doesn’t scream as much as Langford-Biss does. The differences in both singers causes a sound not unlike tracks with featured artists.

As It Is, via

With a new album entitled okay. on the way, As It Is isn’t another pop-punk band to be brushed off. The brutally honest lyrics combined with the bright, upbeat instrumentals create an honest sound that isn’t often seen nowadays. It is hard to name the specific ingredient that stands out in Never Happy, Ever After, but whatever it is, it leaves you craving more and unable to get the songs out of your head. As It Is causes listeners to immediately fall in love with them and their music, and okay. is on track to be even better.

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