Album Review: No Nets – Bright Light

Hailing from Brooklyn, No Nets is an indie rock band comprised of “grown-up-ish punk and emo kids”. The group was formed when all four members moved into an apartment together in 2012, and began recording music on an electronic drumset. No Nets recently came out with their sophomore release, entitled Bright Light, and is planning to have a release show in NYC soon.

The album cover.

Overall, the album has an incredibly unique sound. In some songs, the instrumentals are closer to alternative pop, but the vocals are those of a punk band. Due to this, the sound is almost confusing in nature, and requires the full attention of the listener to really grasp the concept of it. Most of the record, however, is classic punk. The lyrics bemoan the typical punk concerns, such as trying to be creative and unique while working a nine-to-five.

A few of the tracks differ in sound, such as Morning. This song is more ethereal, with a slower tempo and soft harmonic vocals. At only 55 seconds, it is hard to see the purpose behind it at first, but emotion bleeds through the track and captivates the audience for those 55 seconds. Although it is the shortest track on the record, it might be the most noteworthy, and stands out easily among the other typical rock songs. 

No Nets, provided by

Bright Light is, in its entirety, a success. Along with the unique sound, it shows the band’s growth, and the instrumentals are skillfully put together. The vocals, while good, are occasionally a little forced, causing them to sound awkward and uncomfortable. Despite this, Bright Light really is a great album, and we can’t wait to see what No Nets will come up with next.

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