Album Review: Where’d Your Weekend Go? – The Mowgli’s

Named after a former band member’s dog, it comes as no surprise to anyone that The Mowgli’s’ music is as unconventional as their origin story. Blending rock and alternative pop, they’ve been ahead of the growing genre for as long as they have been releasing music. Their latest record, Where’d Your Weekend Go?, was released on September 30, 2016 and is embodies this originality perfectly.

The album cover.

The first track, So What, begins with synth-laden guitar chords, and sounds somewhat melancholy until the chorus. The vocals are full of wonderful harmonies. Near the end, a saxophone is brought in, and honestly, there’s nothing sexier than a pop band that incorporates jazz instruments.

The next song, Spacin Out, starts with piano and rhythmic clapping, before adding in Katie Jayne Earl’s slightly raspy vocals. This track is faster than the previous, but keeps the jazz influences. The song ends rather abruptly, and goes into the third track, Bad Thing.

Bad Thing starts with a small percussion section, and almost sounds like a Bleachers song – only happier. Although the first impression the song leaves is one of an alt-pop track that’s easy to listen to, the music is surprisingly complex, and interesting enough to captivate even the pickiest listeners. 

The fifth track, Automatic, features catchy, quick verses before going into a chorus that’s slightly slower and more powerful. The high notes are pretty impressive, especially considering the smooth tone quality of the vocals. The song ends with a captivating echo of the last verse.

The seventh track, Arms & Legs, is the shortest on the album, and has more mature lyrics than the other songs. If The Mowgli’s intent is to stun people with their music, then the focus of this track is clearly the lyrics; the instrumentals are little more than an acoustic guitar and soft rhythm. It’s probably my favorite track on the album, simply because of the raw honesty of the lyrics.

The last song, Open Energy, is the longest on the album, clocking in at just over four minutes. It is similar to Arms & Legs in the sense that the instrumentals are fairly simple, but there are also impressive harmonies. While the other songs are short in length, this track almost feels as though it drags on towards the end. However, that doesn’t take away from the overall quality of it.

The Mowgli’s, courtesy of

Where’d Your Weekend Go? is just as satisfying as the band’s previous releases. Employing attention-grabbing melodies and unorthodox setups, The Mowgli’s’ music is experienced beyond their years as a band. And let’s face it, we all know those stuck-up music snobs who refuse to listen to anything that wasn’t influenced by Neutral Milk Hotel. Why not offer them an alternative and send them a The Mowgli’s CD?
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