Live Music Review: Pierce The Veil + PHOTOS

PTV 9/20/16
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Complete with flashy strobe lights and a roaring crowd, Pierce The Veil knocked it out of the park on their Made to Destroy tour in Columbus on Tuesday.

I Prevail opened, and although I missed their set because of unfortunately timed meetings, I heard from the other fans that it was awesome.

Barlow, lead vocalist, gestures to the balcony animatedly.

However, I got there in time for Neck Deep’s set (thankfully). Neck Deep is one of my favorite bands, and although I saw them perform a few songs at the APMAs, I was beyond excited to see their set. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Ben Barlow, lead vocalist, bounced around onstage as the rest of the band rocked out around him. They genuinely looked like they were having the time of their lives. Dani Washington, one of my all-time favorite drummers, grinned and gave the crowd everything he had, despite being somewhat removed from the stage.  The energy was beyond incredible as Barlow broke up the set with anecdotes about their visit to a toy store and each new song (“We recorded this song with our friend Mark Hoppus… You guys call him Dad.”). The set closed with Can’t Kick Up The Roots, one of my favorite songs and Barlow’s favorite to “jump around to like a complete idiot”.

DSC_0519 1.04.36 PM.jpg
Tony Perry rocks out to an enthusiastic crowd.

Finally, Pierce The Veil came on to a roaring crowd. Vic Fuentes, the spirited lead singer, danced as confetti cannons went off during the first song. The whole band, again, looked like they were playing the best show they’d ever been a part of as the crowd screamed along. I could feel the energy pounding in my bones as the band’s overzealous attitude continued. Clearly, these guys are rockstars and they know it. Tony Perry, guitarist, and Jaime Preciado, bassist, thrived off of the crowd’s excitement.

Overall, the show was incredible. I would bet money on the fact that every single person in that building had fun at that show, especially the bands. That happiness was clear, which really helped the energy and the vibe of the show, and the connection between bands and fans was key. If you get the chance to go see this tour before it ends, do it. It’ll be a night of nothing but pure, energetic fun.

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