EP Review: Unconscious Disturbance – Let It Rain

Around the world, Brazil is known for its culturally rich and engaging festivals. It comes as no surprise that these festivals revolve heavily around music. Named as one of Brazil’s upcoming rock bands by Monsters of Rock festival, Unconscious Disturbance is a Brazilian/American four-piece. Comprised of members from São Paulo, Washington D.C., and Boston, the multi-cultural group is popular in Brazil, having already played festivals with the likes of Muse and Suicidal Tendencies. After touring and recording almost relentlessly for the past two years, the band has released an EP entitled Let It Rain.

The EP cover.

The first track, Our Secret, begins with intense guitar riffs right off the bat, before the guitar quiets down a bit to allow room for the vocals. The vocalist has an impressive range, hitting the higher notes while still maintaining a classic rock tone. Although the band has only released one record besides Let It Rain, they have the sound of a much more experienced and seasoned group. While the group clearly has a lot of natural talent, they also sound like many other up-and-coming rock bands.

The second track, Eye To Eye, sounds much more unique, and begins with a percussion section before adding in an intricate guitar melody and slightly muffled vocals. The chorus brings in an impressive harmony, adding in a vocal slide that is almost similar to one in a Fall Out Boy song (namely, Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet). The rest of the track features the fast-paced instrumentals of the clearly skilled musicians. Eye To Eye ends suddenly, and the next track, Scream, begins.

Scream starts off slightly softer than the previous tracks, but soon goes into the head-banging sound that alternative rock is known for. The percussion in this track is interesting enough to captivate listeners, and the vocals in the chorus are a bit rougher than the ones in Eye To Eye or Our Secret. Overall, the singer’s voice has the same raspy quality as Kurt Cobain’s, causing the band to feel more grunge than anything else.

The final track, Let It Rain, starts immediately with full instrumentals, and wastes no time in leading up to the vocals. Much like the other tracks, it has a good balance between all of the instruments, and the different components of the song are all easy to hear and comprehend. The end of the song is more repetitive, and sounds a bit melancholy. After a few drum beats and one last guitar riff, the track ends.

Unconscious Disturbance at the Porão do Rock festival in 2014.

At first listen, Unconscious Disturbance sounds like any other rock band on the scene. Once you hear the entire EP, however, it’s clear that the band has a solid idea of how to mix unexpected components and make them work together. Overall, Unconscious Disturbance has the sound and vibe of a much more seasoned group, and the new release is everything you could ask for.


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