EP Review: Plaid Brixx – Plaid Brixx

Although Columbus, Ohio isn’t highly regarded as a music-oriented city, it’s no surprise that many popular artists are from the city; after all, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is only a few hours north. Spawning bands like the Black Keys, twenty one pilots, Beartooth, Andy Black, and WALK THE MOON, it’s no surprise that Ohio’s music scene is full of smaller bands on the rise. One such alt-pop band, Plaid Brixx, recently released a self-titled EP that has been called “some of [their] best work”.

The album cover

The first track of the EP, Don’t Look Down, has the potential to be a popular summer song. While it’s not entirely a hype song, it’s put together well enough to be enjoyed by people who don’t know the song, or have never heard of the band. Chris Duggan, the lead singer, has a somewhat impressive voice, and sings with the tone quality of an experienced performer. The track ends with a fadeout, and the next song begins.

The second song, Since You Came, is similar to the first in complexity of sound, but the lyrics are slightly more melancholy. During the chorus, a harmony is added in, giving the vocals new life to what would otherwise be a repetitive song. The third track ends rather abruptly after a few beats at the end.

The third track, The Greener Side, is more upbeat than the smoother previous tracks, and features slightly higher vocals from Duggan. While Don’t Look Down and Since You Came are both catchy and complex, The Greener Side sounds more like a song that you would hear on the radio. The bridge quiets down before the instrumentals come back in stronger than before. The Greener Side tapers off with the gradual removal of each part of the melody.

The fourth track is entitled Renegades, and sounds like an anthem of not only the band, but their fanbase as well. The chorus proclaims, “we are the ones who change the game”, uniting countless listeners and making them believe they are a part of something bigger. It helps, of course, that the song is an easy listen, and contains impressive sound engineering for an indie band.

The fifth and final track, Away We Go, begins with deeper vocals, and is more intense than the other tracks on the EP. At the chorus, however, the song transforms into another synth-ridden number; it seems to be the trademark for the latest release from Plaid Brixx. The lyrics are both literal and metaphorical, proclaiming that “we will never give up the band”.

The musicians behind the band

With the legacy of so many popular artists from Ohio weighing on their shoulders, you might think that Plaid Brixx would feel the pressure. However, if the quality of their music wasn’t proof enough, the closing track says it all: they won’t give up.


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