EP Review: Sincerely Yours – Oh Honey

With upbeat melodies and tantalizing harmonies, sugary-sweet indie pop duo Oh Honey is back at it with their second of four EPs, Sincerely Yours. The four EPs – Be OkaySincerely YoursWish You Were Here, and Until Next Time (the only one of the four that’s still unreleased) – will make up a full series, called Postcards.

The album cover.
The album cover.

The first song on the EP, Don’t You Worry, Love, is a bright, upbeat track with driving percussion and skillful harmonies. With a chorus that says, “When the world gets dark/don’t you worry, love”, it’s hard to dislike the bouncy melodies that’ll have you bobbing along. The next song, Take All The Time You Need, is softer and sweet. Although both singers are clearly talented, they do a lot of singing the melody in different octaves, which works for this song, but having seen their harmony ability in the previous song, it always makes me want more of those pretty harmonies. However, the song is beautiful nevertheless and is simultaneously slow and driving, with big bursts of sound during choruses that you can feel in your bones. Next, Until You Let Me is faster, with both vocalists alternating lines in what becomes a conversation about a relationship that’s falling to pieces. This time, they balance both pretty harmonies (where they take turns with the melody, which fits the “conversation” aspect perfectly) and octave unison well. It’s another danceable song, and one that was stuck in my head for days after initially hearing it. Finally, the EP closes with Cracks In The Floor Of Heaven, a stunning lullaby-esque track with drop-dead gorgeous harmonies throughout the entire song. Because the guitar and violin in the background are kept soft, the focus is almost entirely on the soft, gentle vocals. It’s an excellent way to end the EP, with a beautiful stuck-in-your-head chorus.

Oh Honey.
Oh Honey.

Currently touring with indie popstar Halsey, Oh Honey will be all over the US soon, so I definitely recommend checking them out and going to see them. Sincerely Yours, one of four excellent EPs, is all-around beautiful and packed full of pretty vocals and tooth-achingly sweet lyrics. In fact, I love all of their current EPs, and I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat for the last one. They’re all similar in sound, so if you enjoy this one, make sure you go check out the rest!

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