Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you. I don’t know about all of you, but my favorite part of this holiday is the music. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but the playlists and the creativity that goes into them makes me very happy. So, here are some of my favorite playlists for Valentine’s Day lovers, haters, and more.

For Lovers: Those who have a significant other, or those who just enjoy spreading the love today!

The Sweet Suite: This Spotify playlist is packed full of RnB ballads that are perfect for getting in “the mood” this holiday.

Love Songs: Topsify’s playlists are well-known throughout the Spotify community, so here’s their lovey-dovey playlist. Featuring both today’s hits and throwbacks, there’s something for literally anyone on this.

A Mix For When You’re (Falling In) Love: The title says it all! A shorter playlist of only 8 songs, these are perfect for those angsty “I love you but I don’t know how to say it” moments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!: A collection of pop (with some karaoke thrown in there too!) songs to perfectly describe the holiday in 13 tracks.

For Unrequited Lovers: Those who love someone who can’t (or won’t) reciprocate, these playlists are for you.

Unrequited Love: The name says it all, folks. Sappy love songs, a little shorter (only 8 tracks [hah!]), and, as the tags describe it, “chill”.

Happy Valentine’s Day; You Broke My Heart.: Sad songs. After all, that is what unrequited love is, right? This features songs off of an album we love, Blue Neighborhood (check out our review of it here!).

My Love Letter To Nobody: Featuring some Spanish songs, this playlist is for anyone experiencing this kind of love. Maybe you can’t talk to them, maybe you don’t quite know what to say. Either way, this is for you!

I’ll Never Forget The First Time I Saw Your Face: This one definitely holds a special place in my heart. It’s full of Broadway showtunes, from shows like If/Then and Hamilton. I love, love, love this! (No pun intended!)

For Haters: These ones are for anyone who just downright hates the holiday. Maybe you think it’s too commercialist, or maybe you got your heart broken, or maybe you think it’s fake and just dumb. Either way, here you go!

I Hate Valentine’s Day: The title says it all. Girl-power anti-valentine songs, for those who just can’t stand the damn holiday. #GirlPower!

Fourteenth Of February Blues: The description is “When you think everything will go through as planned, February 14 f*cks you up”. Pretty much the feeling for these haters, yep.

Die, Valentine: A pop-punk heartbreak mix. What more can you ask for in a playlist?

Topsify Canada F@#k Valentine’s Day: Here goes Topsify again. When you’re feeling like you’ll be alone forever and you’ll be better off without them in the long run, listen to this.

For those who just have to create their own hidden message: Check out Spotify’s Valentine creator! Just type in your top-secret message, select the genre, and go. Here’s our secret message to you!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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