Album Review: Kids In Love – The Mowgli’s

The mission of The Mowgli’s (self-proclaimed, of course) is to spread love and kindness to others. To do this, they’ve not only created a website called “Be A Mowgli”, but also have supported numerous charities. In addition, on their website’s “About” page, the first sentence is “Love is all you need”. Even from this limited information, the band’s seven members probably sound pretty kind and gentle, right? That’s not far off, relating to their personalities or their music. Their latest album, Kids In Love, was released in mid-2015 and fits those good vibes to a T.

The album cover.

The first track, You’re Not Alone, sets the tone for the whole album. It’s bright, upbeat, and danceable. The uplifting lines of, “You’re not alone/even when you feel so far from home”, are repeated throughout the song. It’s followed by I’m Good, another positive-message-in-a-song, with a chorus that simply repeats the title and a talented male singer. Bad Dream is, once again, very positive and features cool, dreamy guitar riffs. A slower song, What’s Going On, follows; it’s mellow, despite a rough-around-the-edges voice being backed up by electric guitar. At parts, it’s a cute duet, and shows lyrics about how there’s always a silver lining. Another mellow song is next, Through The Dark. While the layered vocals sing meaningful lyrics, the background instrumentation is light with a guitar and a shaker. Whatever Forever is bright and snappy, with a piano and ukulele backing the singer. The seventh song is Make It Right, which is mellow, soft, and sweet, with an awesome piano-guitar instrumental. Love Me Anyway, my personal favorite, shows off adorable lyrics, like the chorus: “Oh, you know I love you/but no, I’m not a saint/oh, I make stupid mistakes/but you love me anyway”. Once again, it’s upbeat and has great harmonies between male and female vocalists. The ninth track, Shake Me Up, is somewhere between upbeat and mellow – Although it features minimal instrumentation, the chorus is fast-paced and danceable. Home To You is the next song, with a cute and funny (yet sweet) duet, featuring lyrics like “I never answer, doesn’t matter/can’t stop laughing ’bout it”. The title track, second-to-last, comes next. Kids In Love is upbeat, pop-y, and danceable, with guitar riffs, incredible harmonies, and a capella parts. Finally, the album closes with Sunlight. By far the softest song on the album, it’s only a guitar and a vocalist – and it’s light, airy, and candy-sweet.

header001 (1).jpg
The band.

Kids In Love is exactly what you’d expect from The Mowgli’s. With cute duets, mellow tracks, and touching lyrics, it definitely fits their message of “Love is all you need”. Well, it looks like the other thing we need is The Mowgli’s, and they definitely came through with this one.

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