Album Review: Purpose – Justin Bieber

The album cover.

Since 2009, Justin Bieber has been changing the face of pop culture. Whether it’s a good or a bad change is still a large debate; Beliebers are arguably one of the most loyal fanbases alive, yet everywhere you go there are Bieber haters. Much of Bieber’s unpopularity came from the media’s representation of him, and while it’s hard to tell what the truth is nowadays, the media says some pretty terrible things about him. Reputations aside, Bieber’s newest album, Purpose, is nothing close to the bubblegum pop of his first songs.

The first song on the album is titled Mark My Words, and begins with slightly odd instrumentals and stunning vocals from the Canadian singer. The track is a love song, and while love songs are typical in today’s world of music, it’s made unique by the odd background tracking. The third track, What Do You Mean, is the first single off of the album, and is wildly popular. The lyrics seem to highlight just how confusing a relationship can be, and the melody is catchy and fun. The changes and maturity in Justin’s style is obvious, and impressive to say the least. The song is clearly pop, but has a touch of EDM in the instrumentals. No Pressure is the seventh track, and the first to have a celebrity collaboration. Big Sean accompanies Bieber for this song, and has a rap near the end. Although the rap is classic to Big Sean, the song overall is interesting, and as different from Boyfriend as the rest of the album. The ninth track, The Feeling, is another love song, and features alt-pop queen Halsey. Halsey’s voice is clear in the beginning of the song. The beats are a bit strange, until they even out at the chorus. The chorus is a gorgeous duet between Bieber and Halsey. Although nobody would think that Bieber’s voice would sound good with a more alternative artist, the duet is beautiful, and shows off each voice equally. The lyrics are also incredible, wondering, “am I in love with you/or am I in love with the feeling”. The song ends with a slow fadeout. Where Are Ü Now is the second single and eleventh track, featuring Jack Ü as the celebrity collaboration. Jack Ü is a group formed by EDM artists Skrillex and Diplo, and the influences of that style are clear in the song. Although the verses are good, they’re not nearly as memorable as the dubstep-y chorus. Purpose, the thirteenth and title track of the album, is much softer, with only piano and Bieber’s vocals. The final track on the album is an acoustic version of What Do You Mean, and the guitar is stunning.

Halsey and Bieber.
Halsey and Bieber.

While Justin Bieber has done some pretty controversial things, at least according to the media, Purpose is a fantastic album. As Buzzfeed once asked, is there a support group for people who used to hate Justin Bieber but now love him?


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