Album Review: Made In The A.M. – One Direction

The album cover

One Direction is widely regarded as the most well-known band in the world. When Zayn Malik left the band on March 25, 2015, the internet exploded. Girls were crying in the middle of class, Buzzfeed was losing it, and the adults of the internet were watching with wide, terrified eyes. However, One Direction seems to be doing pretty well, even with the loss of Malik. Their most recent album, Made In The A.M., parallels the title of their first album, Up All Night – which, of course, led many to speculation about One Direction breaking up. Fortunately, they’re just taking a break. Either way, Made In The A.M. is an incredible release.

The first song, Hey Angel, begins with ethereal-sounding instrumentals before going into a classic pop song. Just from the vocals, One Direction’s maturity is clear. No longer the five hopeful boys on the X Factor, the remaining four are now leaders of the pop genre in today’s world. The second song, Drag Me Down, is the first single on the album, and although the verses are a bit downplayed, the song is bouncy and fun. It’s upbeat, and the perfect song for going out with your friends. It also features all of the members’ unique voices, giving it a specific sound that only One Direction can. Perfect, the third song, is a bit slower, and very sweet. The song highlights the main points of a relationship, and how the boys are “perfect for you” (hey, we’re not arguing with that logic). The beat is also catchy. While the song is a bit slower, it’s still tons of fun. End Of The Day, the the fifth track, is more metaphorical, and features great instrumentals. The boys can hit impressive notes, and their voices work as well together as they always have. Long Way Down, the seventh track, sounds more melancholy than sweet. History is the thirteenth track, and features acoustic guitar as the main instrument. It has a sound much like Jack Johnson’s acoustic song Upside Down, and is a perfect song to sing around a campfire. The lyrics are imploring a significant other to with the singer and make more history. At the bridge, the song intensifies with electric guitar, but quickly goes back to the fun acoustic tune. The final track, A.M., is sure to make any long-term fan cry. The song is incredibly melancholy, like a surprising amount of the album, and seems to be about the boys’ journey thus far.

One of One Direction’s X Factor Video Diaries

One Direction has been changing the face of pop since 2010. Shortly after Zayn announced his departure from the group, the rest announced that in 2016 they would be “taking a break” from the band. This, of course, led to many theories about the band’s upcoming break. Many think that the band won’t be getting back together at all, or will be taking a long-term hiatus (much like Fall Out Boy did in 2009). Whether or not One Direction breaks up, they’ve made a lasting legacy in pop culture.


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