Album Review: Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) is a pop-punk band from Australia, with members Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin. Sounds Good Feels Good is 5SOS’s second album. The Australian band released the first single She’s Kinda Hot  on 17 July 2015, and the second single “Hey Everybody!” was released 9 October 2015 worldwide.

The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer.

The first song on the album, Money, starts off with a heavy drum beat, guitar, and vocals by the boys. Although it is a short song, it gives a pop-punk mood, and you can tell right away. The next song on the album, She’s Kinda Hot, starts off with acoustic guitar, and leads into the vocals. A little into the song, it gets a little more “5SOS”-ish. The vocals are fun, and the tune is lively. This song also gives a pop-punk feeling, although it leans a little more to the pop end of the spectrum. In the third song on the album, Hey Everybody!, definitely has a pop mood to it. The lyrics, “Hey everybody, we don’t have to live this way/We can all get some, yeah, we can all get paid/So what you say everybody? Gotta live it up today” are what get outside and do something! Permanent Vacation, the fourth song, starts off with guitar and a fun beat. It’s easy to dance and sing along to, and has a lively and spirited mood. Jet Black Heart, the fifth song on the album, starts off with drums, leading into guitar and slow vocals. The song starts off a little different than the others, with a lackadaisical mood to it. Just around the chorus, it starts to have that easygoing punk feeling.  The song overall is a little lower than the others, both in melody and feeling, but is still just as good. Catch Fire, starts off with a guitar and vocals that lead into a entertaining beat. The chorus, “All my life I’ve been waiting for moments to come/When I catch fire and wash over you like the sun/I will fight to fix up and get things right/I can’t change the world but maybe I’ll change your mind.” is obviously about someone that they love very much. They know persistence is the key and with time she’ll say yes just like anything near the sun would catch fire if they’re too close to it.

Sounds Good Feels Good album cover

Although many My Chemical Romance fans have been known to criticize Sounds Good Feels Good for its lack of pop-punk feeling and leaning less towards the punk side, the album itself is great. We highly recommend Sounds Good Feels Good!


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