Album Review: Confident – Demi Lovato

The album cover
The album cover

Having been a prominent figure in the music industry for years, Demi Lovato is rising steadily. Lovato was featured in Fall Out Boy’s recreation of Irresistible, the title track to their most recent remake of their album American Beauty/American Psycho. Demi also played the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, alongside acts such as Taylor Swift, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and a collab between rapper A$AP Rocky and electro-pop duo twenty one pilots. Also a prominent figure on the internet, Demi Lovato speaks often about her struggles with mental health – and this bleeds into her latest album Confident.

Demi's performance on the 2015 VMAs
Demi’s performance on the 2015 VMAs

The first and title track, Confident, starts with trumpets and instrumentals that sound closer to the “intense” side of pop. The lyrics to the song seem to question societal standards today, asking “what’s wrong with being/what’s wrong with being/what’s wrong with being confident”. In today’s world, people – and teens especially – are often told that being confident is one of the most attractive personality traits a person can have. However, as soon as these teens try to act more confident, they are accused of being stuck-up or self-centered. The second track, Cool For The Summer, was named one of the best summer songs by Buzzfeed. With instrumentals similar to Echosmith or Walk The Moon, and lyrics like Taylor Swift’s, it’s no wonder that Cool For The Summer is such a big hit. Old Ways, the third track of the album, features a bit of vowel breaking – a phenomenon often seen in alt-pop music. Demi’s tone quality sounds similar to artist Halsey’s music. Kingdom Come, the sixth track, features Australian artist Iggy Azalea, and impressive belted notes by Lovato. The bass drop in the chorus is stunningly catchy, considering that after the bass drop, the song gets less dramatic as opposed to more dramatic. Iggy comes in near the middle of the song, with one of her infamous raps. Although the song is catchy, and the rap isn’t necessarily bad, it is – as always – nearly impossible to tell what Iggy Azalea is actually saying. This feature of the female rapper has become one of her well-known traits, causing an outburst of memes. Yes, the tenth song, has a more gospel feel, with thick, rich notes and a choir backing up Lovato’s vocals. The last two songs on the deluxe version of the album are remixes of Cool For The Summer, and sound better suited to a club than your summer roadtrip.

After being a Disney channel star for multiple years before entering the music industry, Lovato seems to have done the near impossible: made a name for herself WITHOUT being known through Disney. Previous stars on children’s television can often find it hard to escape the withering vacuum of the television business, but the feat is not impossible. Just ask Lovato, a successful artist in today’s world of pop.

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