Album Review: Inanimate Objects – Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius is an alternative rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in November 2009. The band’s mainstay members are the Jeffery brothers, Keith on lead vocals and lead guitar; Michael on drums; and Darren Sell on keyboard. Their debut album, When It Was Now, was issued on 9 February 2013 and peaked at No. 34 on the United States Billboard 200. In 2013 two of their singles appeared on the related Alternative Songs Chart, “Trojans” (released in May 2011) at No. 4 and “If So” (February 2013) at No. 8. In 2013 the group toured the US in April and May, United Kingdom in May, and back to the US in August. In 2015 they released their second studio album, Inanimate Objects.

The band, Atlas Genius.
The band, Atlas Genius

Most of the songs in Inanimate Objects start off with a similar beginning, with a slightly electronic theme. The first song, Where I Belong, maintains the electronic theme, and then goes on to Keith Jeffery’s impressive vocals. He sings the lyrics, “If I pretend like you forget/That it’s not as real as real can get/Time can be bought if you regret enough/If this isn’t all over just yet, our stuff, hope the cracks open up and swallow me whole”. In another song on the album, Molecules, starts off with a short electronic intro once again, and leads into instrumentals with Keith Jeffery singing, “We steal the molecules from the dead/We liberate inanimate objects/Is this a path of will up ahead?/Or are we just destined to get what we get?”. Molecules has an upbeat “personality”, with a spirited chorus. The City We Grow starts off with a drum beat that leads into a lively instrumental, and then vocals. The song is high-spirited and at one part, a little quiet, and then leads into another lively part of the song, and the song has a soft ending. Another, Levitate, starts off with acoustic guitar and then, once again, leads into admirable vocals. It has an acoustic guitar throughout the song and it has a lightly mellow mood. It has meaningful lyrics as well, such as, “Put our time in a frame/And the ink on a page/You bridge the distance/And it’s close as you stand/Give me hope without a plan/To bridge the distance/That you just levitate/Above it all like there’s nothing to say/As I could only wait/For as long as you wanted to take/That you just levitated away”.

Cover for Inanimate Objects
Cover for Inanimate Objects

Overall, I love this album. I say that about many albums, but this one is truly developed and beautiful. If you need something new to listen to, check out Atlas Genius.

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