Album Review: Back On Top – The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms are an American indie rock band that is from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. The member are Brian Sella (vocals, guitar, lyricist), Mathew Uychich (drums), and Brian Uychich (keyboard, vocals). In 2010, they released an EP called Slow Dance To Soft Rock. As of fall 2010, Brian Uychich left the band to concentrate on school full-time. The Front Bottoms’ second studio album, Talon of the Hawk, was released on May 21, 2013. On June 17, 2014, the band released an EP entitled Rose. In June 2015, it was announced they had signed to the label Fueled By RamenThe Front Bottoms released their third studio album Back On Top on September 18, 2015 via Fueled By Ramen. The current members are Steven “Brian” Sella – Vocals, Guitar (2007–present),Mat Uychich – Drums (2007–present),Tom Warren – Bass, Backing Vocals (2012–present) and Ciaran O’Donnell – Guitar, Trumpet, Keys (2012–present).

The Front Bottoms.
The Front Bottoms.

The first song on the album, Motorcycles, starts off with a guitar and drums. It has a rock mood to it, and then leads into the vocals. Sella sings, “Riding a motorcycle and being in a gang/Being in love and woman’s rights and male hedonism /Worshiping the devil, good vibes all around /And acting cool and acting cool and acting cool and acting cool and acting cool and Acting cool.” This song has a rock mood. The electric guitar and drums give it that mood. The second song on the album, Summer Shady, starts off with a heavy drum beat, and Sella singing, “You caught me doing push-ups in the morning/Before everyone else woke up/And then the C-Dawg busted in/He was out all night getting chased by cops/And in this moment/I was pretty pleased with the person/I was pretending to be.” The song has a slight country/rock/indie mood to it. It has magnificent vocals and stunning instrumentals. The third song on the album, Cough It Out, starts off with acoustic guitar and the vocals, “It’s snowing right now I wish it was summer /But when the summer rolls around ill wish I was freezing /They don’t call me Mr. Greenside for no reason/When they do I pause and cough it out/I cough it out I cough it out I cough it out.” The song has acoustic guitar and has an indie mood to it. The drums, tambourine, acoustic guitar, and other instruments give it this feeling. The fourth song on the album, West Virginia, starts off with acoustic guitar and Sella sings, ““Is it raining where you are?” /The only thing I could think to ask/But nothing ever hurt so bad /As the “no” that you said back/But ain’t that the truth, man /Those are just facts /The farther you go from where you start /The harder it is to get back.” Although it starts off a little soft, it leads into a little rock mood.

Album cover, Back On Top.
Album cover, Back On Top.

Sella has stunning vocals and the instrumentals are perfect. All in all, great album.

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