Album Review: One – The Never Ending

Most know Debby Ryan from her Disney actress roots, starring in the kid’s TV shows, Jessie and The Suite Life On Deck, and Disney movie Radio Rebel. However, there’s more to Ryan than just children’s TV. For example, she’s the lead singer of a band called The Never Ending, for example… The Never Ending has released one EP and is planning on releasing another album soon. They’ve been together since 2012, although Ryan only made their presence known in 2013. An indie-pop-folk-rock band, The Never Ending has just finished touring with Fifth Harmony.

One album cover.
One album cover.

One, The Never Ending’s first EP, was released in 2014, before the band’s three former members left the group. One kicks off with Mulholland Drive, which is soft and at first only has guitar fingerpicking. Ryan’s voice is soft and soothing, singing the lyrics, “I see the cloud, but it can’t hide the lights/And all the wrong won’t change the right/Just like the dark can’t hide the light/Stars in the ground, but none in the sky/It’s hard to get found when lost feels so right/And all around are bloodshot eyes/But this town can’t hide the light”. The instrumental bits are sweet and pretty, as are the harmonies. Ruthless, the second of five songs, is much stronger. Ryan’s voice is less floaty and much more powerful. The instrumentation and singing during the words “I’m never coming back” is powerful, deep, and strong. The song is easy to dance to, and when Ryan sings “You don’t know”, the echoes are haunting and the drum buildup is exciting. Before I Go Upstairs reverts to the soft, floaty sound again, with only an acoustic guitar. The most striking lyrics of the song are, “time is trying to kill me, but foolishness will beat him to it”. Ryan’s voice is low, resonating, and haunting, and creates a song that’s easy to get lost in. Call Me Up begins with an electronic sound, with powerful bursts of music. Ryan has more of a hard, rocker sound here than she does in the previous songs. The guitar and bass mesh well together, creating a wall of sound that hits the listener like a ton of bricks (but in a good way. A very very good way). When The Dark Falls is the final song on the EP, and at first listen reminds us of a waltz. The harmonies and instrumentation are once again chilling, and the song sounds almost witchy. It’s easy to see where the folk piece of their genre classification comes from in this song, which ends with a high-pitched, barely audible ringing that you can still believe you’re hearing after the song is over.

The Never Ending.
The Never Ending.

Most “Disney Kids” can’t escape from that title, and people will always associate them with their Disney roots. However, Debby Ryan and The Never Ending are breaking away from that association, whether intentional or not, and are making a new name for themselves in the indie music world.


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