EP Review: Dark Days – Weslynn

Although they have an EP and two singles, not many people have heard of the Phoenix-based rock band Weslynn. With their music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube, they’re pretty easy to find once you’ve heard of them. Comprised of four members, Weslynn combines amazing vocals, piano, guitar, and percussion to create a sound that is so familiar – yet when prompted, it is almost impossible to think of any group or artist they sound exactly like. Their EP, Dark Days, came out in October of 2014, but they released a single called What Went Wrong this February. Also available on their Soundcloud is a cover of Chasing Cars that is one of the most unique renditions of that song that I have ever heard.

The boys!
The boys!

The title track on the EP, Dark Days, features a catchy tune and deep lyrics. The second track, Poetry in Motion, has powerful guitar chords and a tune that seems almost effortless for the group. Shining Night, the third track, is my personal favorite, starting with a slightly eerie piano melody before adding in drums and what sounds like a violin. The whole song sounds almost otherworldly, with smooth vocals that feature a bit of impressive falsetto. With the deep lyrics (“you can never win this war/my heart is in a bottle drifting ashore”) it is the kind of song that you would expect to hear as part of the soundtrack for a movie, or as the music for a professional dance routine. Simply put, Weslynn’s music is a unique kind of art form that is incomparable to any other band or artist.

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