Live Music Review – Bastille


The other night was Pepsi’s 50th anniversary in Columbus, OH. Yay! Congratulations, Pepsi! Because of that, they held a free concert on the Columbus Commons. There were free drinks, VIP seating (a closer area to the stage) for the first 3,000 people inside the gate, and a Pepsi Pop giveaway game. However, I was most interested in the musical guest that night, English indie band Bastille. Now, I love Bastille. I’ve loved them ever since I first heard Bad Blood. So naturally, I was pumped for this. A free concert of a band that I love?! Yes please! We got to the Commons at 4:30, and the gates opened at 5. Fortunately, we were in the first 3,000 people, so we got to go up front for the music section. Upon learning that Bastille was performing at 8:30, we were surprised that we had to wait so long, but passed the time by eating food from food trucks and listening to the DJ that was there. I can’t remember his name for the life of me, only that he remixed Mr. Brightside so badly that my friend at the concert was upset, as Mr. Brightside is her favorite song. However, 8:30 finally rolled around and Dan Smith, the lead singer, came bouncing out onstage. They opened with Things We Lost in the Fire, one of my personal favorites, and seeing it live was amazing. Smith had more energy than almost anyone I have ever seen perform live, running around and jumping up and down as he sang. They followed that up with Laura Palmer, Overjoyed, and The Weight Of Living, Pt. II. Bastille managed to get the crowd sufficiently energetic, and when I was just standing and everyone else jumped, I could feel the ground shaking. Even through the slower songs, the crowd was high-energy. They played various other songs that everyone had heard before and were screaming along to. In fact, the setlist is here if anyone wants to read it. Before Bad Blood, Smith told everyone to help him out by dancing with him, and to “get down with [him]. Not in a kinky way” when he said so. Then, we all got up and jumped together and it was like an explosion of energy. Then, Smith said something about a new song, and not knowing it but jumping along anyway, and they played a song called Snakes. They ended with Of The Night and Pompeii.

My favorite photo of the night.
My favorite photo of the night.

Overall, it was a pretty amazing concert. I loved it. It was very family-friendly, which was cool too because there were a ton of little girls standing on shoulders and looking so happy when the camera was on them.

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