Album Review: Let’s Remake It/Red – Public

So, this isn’t really an album review. We know, we know, we labeled it as such, but it’s really several album reviews rolled into one. We really like this band and think that they deserve more recognition than they currently get.


Despite having opened for bands like Walk The Moon, Twenty One Pilots, and Neon Trees, the band PUBLIC isn’t very well-known. Based purely off of their existing music, there is a lot of talent and potential in this band. They are currently unsigned, and are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have two albums, Red and Let’s Remake It, as well as one single, Heartbeating.

Red album cover.
Red album cover.

Red, their first album, was first released in June of 2012. It contains four tracks, and can be found on their bandcamp website here. The album starts off with the title track, which has clear, low bass notes and simple drumming, as well as catchy guitar melodies. Lead singer John Vaughn is surely talented as exhibited even in the first song, which has very few vocals. The second song, I Need You, begins with a bouncy, upbeat melody that is sure to have you bouncing your head along. Castle In The Sky, the second-to-last track, contains muted guitar chords and background vocals accompany the lyrics, “It’s with you I want to be/It’s with you I want to be/And have you grown tired of me?/Thrown back to a stormy sea” and is soft and sweet. The final song on RedBirdie, begins with a strong beat and somewhat-heavy guitar chords. These continue through the song, accompanying Vaughn’s powerful vocals well. The whole album is catchy and very easy to dance to, and has some love songs that will make you swoon.

Let's Remake It! album cover.
Let’s Remake It album cover.

Let’s Remake It is Public’s second album. It has 7 new tracks, and a somewhat different sound from Red. The opening song, Pretty Face is catchy, confident, and has strong lyrics. The chorus, with the lyrics, “Do you know her?/The girl that looks to you/Would you love her?/The way that she loved you”, is smooth but dance-y. My Love, the next track, is bouncy and catchy. PUBLIC performed this when they opened for Walk The Moon in Columbus, and it was the song that stuck with us and made us remember them. It’s rhythmic and definitely a popular song of theirs. When they played it at the concert, the crowd was quickly joining them on the chorus of “do you want to be/my love?”. Make You Mine has a softer sound, but sweet, and once again shows off Vaughn’s falsetto during some parts. Little Raindrops, the fourth song of seven, is jazzy and bouncy, and very popular among their songs. Alonely, an acoustic song, is soft and sweet. The transition into the next song, Honeybee, is a bit rough, but both songs are excellent. Honeybee, retro-sounding and catchy, is the second-to-last song on the album. In Listen!, the last track on the album, the lyrics are sweet, with “So give me your attention, miss/I love the way you blow a kiss” as part of the chorus. There are love songs on this album as well, both slow and fast, that are catchy and fun.

Heartbeating art.
Heartbeating art.

Their most recent single, Heartbeating, has a very different sound. The opening has low voices singing “doo-doo’s” and Vaughn’s voice fits amazingly with this new style. It’s more sophisticated-sounding, and the chorus breaks into a smooth melody with cool percussive sounds. The lyrics are sweet, with part of the chorus being “You keep my heart beating/You know I’m never leaving” and a verse being “I’ll be your lover and your friend, honey, friend, honey/And when you’re down, I’ll pick you up”. It’s catchy. Like, really catchy. After listening, it’ll definitely be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The low bass notes and vocals drive the song, while Vaughn’s voice accentuates the guitar and percussion behind it. It’s bouncy, sweet, jazzy, and in our opinion, the best PUBLIC song so far.

Overall consensus? We love PUBLIC. They’re a small, somewhat local band, and they’ve got great music. Already, after having been in the industry for a year or two, they’re making a name for themselves. Keep an eye out for PUBLIC, because they are quickly on the rise.

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