#SaturdaySpecial – National Dance Day!

For this week’s #SaturdaySpecial (yep, we’re making it a thing), since it is National Dance Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite dances to modern pop-punk (and other) songs.

Of course, how could we kick this off without Sergei Polunin?! This ballet is absolutely breathtaking.

This girl is pretty rad, and she looks like she’s only 12! She choreographs and films dances to all kinds of songs.

Although it’s a bunch of dance fragments, we LOVE the dances to The Phoenix here. (PS sorry for the language!)

Of course, how would this post be complete without a little Twenty One Pilots?

The video may not be the best quality, but gosh darn it, the dance sure is! Way to go, ladies!

This is just so cool. Yet another Fall Out Boy song. So impressive!

Oh, look… More Twenty One Pilots? Yes please!

And finally… yet another Twenty One Pilots song. This one is pretty rad, with the special effects and the *gasp* plot twist at the end!

We hope you loved these dances as much as we did. Support the dancers! Comment on their videos and tell them just how much you loved their dances.

Got any that you didn’t see on here? Want to show off your sick dance moves? Comment below or tag us @indientry on twitter/vine and @indientryblog on instagram in your videos for a chance to be featured on our later National Dance Day post this afternoon!

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