Album Review: Enema of the State – Blink-182

The album cover
The album cover

Every true pop-punk fan has at the very least heard of Blink-182, and many have memorized multiple songs (or albums). They were rated the third most influential band in pop-punk history by AltPress magazine, and it’s not hard to see why. Their most popular album to date, Enema of the State, opens with the explicit Dumpweed (a clever and masterful title). All joking aside, Dumpweed is short but anthemic. Don’t Leave Me, the next track, is the classic Blink-182 style that we love – amazing power chords accompanied by angsty lyrics and drums that had to give the drummer major whiplash. Aliens Exist is the third track, famously written about Tom DeLonge’s belief in and obsession with aliens. Tom actually claimed to film a UFO once – the video is still up on Youtube for those curious enough to watch it. Going Away To College starts with just an electric guitar before going into a slower song- not as slow as I Miss You, but not the crazy fast songs that the band is famous for. The fifth track, What’s My Age Again, is arguably one of their most famous songs, featuring the line ‘nobody likes you when you’re 23’. The song, originally titled Peter Pan Complex, is about immaturity, one of my favorite verses being ‘I said I was the cops/And your husband’s in jail/The state looks down on sodomy’. Comprised of three power chords and the amusing, memorable lyrics, What’s My Age Again is an instant hit to add to the many the group has already created. Two of the following songs, Adam’s Song and All the Small Things, are also extremely popular. Adam’s Song starts with the strings of a guitar being plucked rather than chords, before going into a more melancholy song. The easy melody carried throughout the song is iconic, in a way. Ask any fan and they will immediately hum along. All the Small Things is more powerful than the previous track, with the lyrics ‘say it ain’t so/I will not go’. And true to their word, Blink-182 is still a very powerful band.

(left to right) Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge, and the Loserkids bunny on the side of the car.

In late January of 2015, Tom DeLonge announced his ‘indefinite split’ from the band, leaving Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker to find a replacement. Many fans were crushed to hear of DeLonge leaving. After all, who else can sing the second verse in I Miss You with that much conviction? Really, Tom, we thought you said you wouldn’t go. Even with the loss of one of the original members, Blink-182 is still a dynamic addition to today’s pop-punk, and one that should be known by anyone who dares call themselves a fan of the genre.


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