Album Review: Our Own House – Misterwives

The album cover.

After opening for Twenty One Pilots in 2012 on the Quiet is Violent world tour, indie pop band Misterwives made their debut this February with their first full album, titled Our Own House. The title track features catchy piano riffs and Mandy Lee’s talented vocals. Lee’s voice cannot be accurately compared to any other current artist- her voice is beautiful and unique, showing off an impressive range with both a strong head voice and a powerful belt. The next track, Not Your Way, is in the same style as the first, but has more noticeable backing vocals and lyrics that are blatantly aimed at ignorant, sexist individuals. The third track, Reflections, was the group’s first single, starting slower in the verses and picking up in the chorus. With killer vocals and a memorable tune, Reflections is a fantastic addition to the album. From the bouncy, fun Best I Can Do to the slower, melancholic Coffins, this album really does have a song for everyone.

(Left to Right) Jesse Blum, Etienne Bowler, Mandy Lee, William Hehir, and Marc Campbell.

Although Misterwives’s studio music is beyond compare, their live performances are just as astounding- with five members (previously three) they make up an acoustic ensemble of everything from a traditional acoustic guitar to a glockenspiel. Some may even argue that Lee’s vocals are better in the live performances, as she adds in all sorts of vocals that would seem show-offy on another artist, but demonstrate Lee’s capabilities as a singer. In the Spotify Live Sessions, they performed extremely impressively, even covering Riptide by Vance Joy in their unique acoustic style. During an interview that was included in the live session, the band revealed where the name came from- an entertaining story, to say the least. “When I was growing up, I had a Mormon uncle… the term ‘sisterwives’ was always in my lexicon… so I married the guys and we became Misterwives,” Lee was quoted in saying, with a laugh. Although, no worries- she only ‘married’ the guys musically. As the only girl in the band, one might worry that Lee is overwhelmed with handling the boys. However, in a comical vine posted from the official MTV account, Lee was seen walking through the tour bus hitting two pans together to wake up the boys. Mandy Lee, William Hehir, Etienne Bowler, Marc Campbell, and Jesse Blum make up a large band. With only one album and all of the members in their twenties, it is clear that Misterwives are only at the very beginning of their career. Lee’s vocals, along with their young spirits, clever lyrics and memorable tunes will all contribute to what may soon be the face of indie pop. Misterwives is quickly growing in popularity, and connects easily with their fans on both a literal and metaphorical level. Remember the name Misterwives, for they may soon be bigger than anyone could have imagined.


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