Album Review: Talking Is Hard – Walk The Moon

Ohio boasts being the home-state of two major musical acts, Twenty One Pilots and Walk The Moon. While drastically different in some ways and very similar in others, both musical groups often show their Ohio pride. Last week we focused on schizo-pop group Twenty One Pilots, so this week we’ll be talking about indie-pop band Walk The Moon.

The album cover.

While most people know Walk The Moon’s hit single, Shut Up And Dance, not nearly as many have heard the full album on which it is featured, Talking Is Hard. The record is very new-wave and inspired by the ‘80s, featuring lead singer Nick Petricca’s “chiptone” synth solos. The album opens with the second single released before the album, Different Colors, which is reminiscent of a world where everyone cared for each other, as proven by the lyric, “we carry each other” in the chorus of the song. The next song, sandwiched between two hit singles, is Sidekick. It’s a flirty, fun, easy-to-dance-to type of song. Almost everyone knows the following track, Shut Up And Dance, which has peaked at #1 on both US Alternative and US Pop Top 100. Up 2 U is the fourth song, and features heavy guitar/bass as well as Petricca showing off his vocal chops. Avalanche and Portugal are similar tracks, with a bit of a slower beat and love-y sounding lyrics. Despite the slow-ness, though, they’re still sure to get you dancing. The seventh song, Down In The Dumps, is a confident one of being able to stand strong, which is evidenced when Petricca sings, “No, I won’t let you bring me back/bring me back down in the dumps”. Following is a song called Work This Body and then Spend Your $$$. Both of these songs are similar in terms of both beat and lyric subjects, being upbeat and easy to jam along with. We Are The Kids, Come Under The Covers, and Aquaman, the closing tracks (in that order), are smooth, slower, and calming. Overall, the whole album is very upbeat and easy to jam and dance along to. It’s clear to see the influence that the 1980s have had on the album. All four members of the band are very talented, and have put that talent and their effort into something truly wonderful.

The boys themselves!
The boys themselves!

When I first knew Walk The Moon, I knew them from their self-titled album (highly recommended as well!) and loved it. When Talking Is Hard came out, I was beyond excited. I had preordered it on iTunes, and spent that whole day listening to nothing but that album. I loved it. It’s definitely my go-to jam for getting ready with my friends or by myself, and sometimes I’ll just put it on (I own the vinyl and it’s AMAZING) and dance by myself in my room. No shame! I saw WTM in concert a few months ago, and they were absolutely fantastic. Opened by a cool band called Public, they sold out a local concert  venue in my area and ROCKED it! I love Walk The Moon, and will forever and always recommend them to everyone I know.

Overall, I would rate this album a 9/10. The change from Spend Your $$$ and the previous upbeat songs to We Are The Kids is a little abrupt, but it is a phenomenal album nevertheless.

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