Album Review: Nothing Personal – All Time Low

The album cover.
The album cover.

In 2009, American pop-punk band All Time Low released their third full-length studio album, Nothing Personal. That album would change many lives in the years following, and was the first album to feature a single of All Time Low’s that was semi-frequently played on public radio. It debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard charts and sold 63,000 copies (the band’s highest charting album at that time). The album is packed full of pop-punk songs that detail the band’s experiences in love, heartbreak, parties, and betrayal. Nothing Personal is truly emo-pop at its best. Although lead singer Alex Gaskarth uses auto-tune on this album, it is clear that he has excellent vocal ability and doesn’t need it. All four of these boys are extremely talented, and have amassed a huge fanbase over their twelve years of existence since 2003. Judging by this album, it’s clear to see that their fanbase is well-deserved. The first track, Weightless, has been described by Kerrang! writer Nick Ruskell as “a three minute rush of pop punk smothered in fairy dust” and opens with the lines “manage me/I’m a mess” and “wanna be laughed at/laughed with/just because/I wanna feel weightless/and that should be enough”. You’re sure to catch yourself dancing along to this powerfully relatable, catchy song. By the time the next song, Break Your Little Heart, comes on, you’re sure to already love the album. It’s a surprisingly upbeat, vengeful song about getting over a broken heart. This one ends confidently, transitioning smoothly into the next song, Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t). After that, the next couple are similar, featuring lyrics ranging to be about everything from betrayal and heartbreak to partying. The finale, Therapy, takes a turn from the rest of the album, and it’s written for anyone who is struggling and needs help, or sometimes someone who just needs a hug. From this, the album seems to come full circle, from Weightless to Break Your Little Heart to Therapy.

Really, though. Look at these nerds. How can you not like them?
Really, though. Look at them. How can you not like them?

All of the years I’ve loved All Time Low, since about 2009, actually, Nothing Personal has been my favorite album of theirs by far. Sure, Future Hearts and Don’t Panic! are phenomenal, but to me, nothing of theirs can quite compare. The first song that I had ever heard was Weightless, and I was immediately entranced. From there, my love for All Time Low took off. I’ve followed them all these years, and when thinking about an album review for this blog, Nothing Personal was my first thought. If I had to pick an overall favorite album ever, this one would definitely be up there in the first or second spot.

Overall, I would rate it a 9.5/10, simply because I also believe that Gaskarth is talented enough to not use auto-tune. Other than that, I absolutely adore Nothing Personal.


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