Live Music Review: Boys of Zummer Tour

On July 15th, EJ and I went to the Boys of Zummer tour in our town. Both of us, not really knowing much of Hoodie Allen or Wiz Khalifa’s music, were there mainly for Fall Out Boy (I know, I know). It was in an outdoor venue, but instead of in the actual pavilion, it was in the parking lot outside, with a massive fence surrounding the lot. The line went all the way around the block, so by the time we got up to the front, I was pretty excited. EJ and I both had on American Beauty/American Psycho makeup, and we were two of the very few in the line that did. Walking in, there was a DJ between sets and for beforehand. He was doing an excellent job of getting the crowd pumped up and playing upbeat music. There was a surprise visit from singer/songwriter MAX, who is signed to DCD2, Pete Wentz’s subsidiary of record label Fueled By Ramen. Up next was Hoodie Allen.

Hoodie Allen's stage setup. Unfortunately,  we weren't super close at that point.
Hoodie Allen’s stage setup. Unfortunately, we weren’t super close at that point.

Now, I hadn’t heard much of his music before the show, but I knew that some of my friends were fans of his. While I am not personally a fan of hip-hop and rap music, Hoodie Allen had a pretty good stage presence and a lot of energy onstage. He had many excellent songs, and I have since listened to them on Spotify. I think that live, Hoodie Allen is very similar to his albums, which is good because it means he’s authentic. After Hoodie Allen was Wiz Khalifa. There are two things that I learned about Wiz while he was onstage: he likes weed, and he is pretty talented, even while smoking a joint onstage.

Somewhat blurry picture of Wiz performing.
Somewhat blurry picture of Wiz performing.

He kicked off his portion with A** Drop. I am not particularly familiar with most of his songs (I’m using the setlist here for reference), but I do know that in general, they were pretty great! He had a good stage presence, and he kept moving the whole time. There was one point where he ran down the center aisle and went to a stage in the back, and then crowdsurfed back up, and that was pretty rad. I really enjoyed the songs Taylor Gang and Work Hard, Play Hard, during which they had the title of the song flashing back and forth on smaller LED lights above the stage. Over the course of the whole concert, there were various images and videos being showed on the giant LCD screen on the back of the stage. During one song, Wiz and his band (they were also great!) tossed out several blow-up animals, and then some giant blow-up joints. Since there were some kids in the crowd for Fall Out Boy, I felt like that was a little inappropriate, but hey, the parents did know what they were getting into when they saw Wiz Khalifa on the ticket information. Anyway, he played a few more good songs, one of which Pete Wentz came out and played bass for, and ended with See You Again, which was one of the only songs the entire crowd knew, and sang along for.

Fall Out Boy at last.
Fall Out Boy at last.

Finally, Fall Out Boy took the stage. They opened with Sugar, We’re Going Down (setlist here). That was an amazing song to open with, because pretty much everyone knew the words. In fact, EJ started to cry because it’s the first song that she had ever heard of theirs and has been her favorite for almost five years. The crowd was screaming along with Patrick, and Pete was jumping around with his purple sparkly bass. At that point, EJ and I had gotten pretty close to the stage. It doesn’t look like it so much in the photos, but we were three or four people away from the stage. Fall Out Boy played seven songs on the main stage. Each song was great in its own way, and the lighting and videos were rad as well. Then, it was time for a transition, and the lights all went dark and they moved to the acoustic side stage for Immortals and Young Volcanoes. Returning to the main stage, drummer Andy Hurley had a fairly long solo as they all got back over. He was so into the music and it was clear that he was putting every ounce of energy into it. The drum set was up on a small platform with stairs that projected images as well, so the lighting for that section was rad. They played six more songs on the main stage, including Uma Thurman, Centuries, and American Beauty/American Psycho. Almost everyone in the crowd knew all of the words to those songs, so they were all singing along and dancing. Pete and Joe played bass and guitar (respectively) nose-to-nose while Patrick sang, and Andy was shirtless and drumming, giving it his all. Pete talked to the crowd a lot between songs, and although Patrick did not, he waved and smiled at girls who were screaming his name. They worked the crowd easily, getting people excited for the next song and cheering for Hoodie Allen and Wiz Khalifa. After those six songs, they left the stage and it went dark. The crowd began chanting for an encore, and they ran back out to take a picture with the crowd and finish up with My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) and Saturday, which featured Pete Wentz, usually bassist, singing with Patrick.

Overall, I loved the concert. I went into it not knowing 3/4 of the artists who played, and came out thinking decently good things about all of them. Although Fall Out Boy was definitely the best part of it for me by a landslide, I know that many people preferred Hoodie Allen and Wiz Khalifa, who both put on good shows as well.

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